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Pelle di Luna

Moisturising face cream with long lasting UV protection

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30 ml

A thin veil of light that perfectly evens out the skin texture. Rich and velvety, its texture offers immediate relief to stressed and dehydrated skin, the ideal ally in daily situations that cause hydration deficiencies

Feminae Cosmetics reinvents the protective hydration of cosmetics and creates Pelle di Luna . The first gel face cream with long lasting sun screen that lasts up to 8 hours of constant protection. An excellent result of Italian cosmetics.
Born from an exclusive liposomal technology, which allows to create a real cellular protective barrier whose purity remains preserved until application. The liposomal particles melt on the skin and release the precious Jojoba extract, natural wax similar to human sebum, for lasting hydration and an intense lifting effect. The consistency of this cosmetic offers a completely innovative sensory experience easy to apply. It leave no white residue, is non-sticky and non-greasy.
Pelle di Luna  helps the skin to restore and preserve an ideal amount of water in the heart of the cells, skin hydration is essential during exposure to UV rays and prevents premature aging.
Pelle di Luna  cosmetic protective face cream is rich in Natural Oils: Jojoba Oil, a natural liquid wax similar to human sebum.
The moderate “long lasting” sunscreen protects the skin throughout the day by reducing the damage caused by UV radiation, making it a powerful anti-wrinkle cream.
Pelle di Lunaminimizes the signs of aging and effectively counteracts skin hyperpigmentation thanks to the combined action of moisturizing factors and sun protection. Also ideal as eye contour or lip contour and their protection.

Moisturizes and protects perfectly for eight consecutive hours, keeping the skin sprayed with water.
After two weeks of daily application, the skin’s hydration level increases by up to 30%. The epidermis is deeply hydrated; supple and filled out.
In 4 applications, the external layer of the epidermis is visibly smoothed.
The skin is considerably firm: (+ 32% filling out action).
*The protective effect is guaranteed from 280 to 400 nm (UV A + UV B). The micro-partitioning advantage of this preparation comes from the combination of organic and inorganic UV filters by grouping dispersion, reflection and absorption of light.
Clinically tested products under medical supervision.

Key Ingredients
Jojoba oil, contained in the formula of Pelle di Luna, performs an intense moisturizing action, strengthening the skin’s firmness and protection.
Avocado oil, naturally rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, plays a fundamental role in nourishing and filling the skin barrier.
The long-lasting sunscreens ensure adequate sun protection, constant for eight hours, making this Italian product a true innovation of Italian cosmetics.

How to apply 

  1. Cleanse the skin perfectly.
  2. Apply a PELLE DI LUNA pouf on 2 or 3 points of the face.
  3. Make smoothing movements from the outside to the inside, only in a circular manner.
  4. Gently tap with your fingertips to promote absorption and increase the tightening pf the pores.

Apply before your usual MAKE UP, to strengthen its moisturizing effectiveness or after Aqua Fiorita, our natural tonic.