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Eyes Heavenly Cream


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50 ml

As soon as applied to the eye contour, an immediate lifting sensation is can be felt. A complex range of active ingredients acts at different depths of the dermis for a complete anti-aging treatment

EYES HEAVENLY CREAM is the most effective and functional lifting cream among the eye contour creams available on the market today. Thanks to a combination of multiple active ingredients, the FEMIANE COSMETICS eye contour cream, EYES HEAVENLY CREAM, intensely regenerates the eye contour, a precious and expressive part of the face. A specific cosmetic treatment that acts on the most delicate areas of the face and also excellent for the lip contour thanks to its anti-wrinkle and smoothing effects, for greater comfort resulting from the presence of Snap-8 polypeptides.

  • Revitalized, stimulated, deeply hydrated, the eye contour glows with beauty.
  • More dense and smoother it is like “lifted”; the gaze appears more open.
  • Relaxed and radiant, the skin barrier regains its perfection, dark circles are visibly reduced and the skin extraordinarily tight.

From the first application of this eye contour, the structure of the dermis appears tense and compact. After two weeks, the eye contour regains all its luminous youth by illuminating your face. The face is redesigned, hydrated and perfectly ready for the application of your make-up.

  • VITALITY: + 83% Hydration, + 80% Comfort and + 62% Brightness
  • STRENGTH: – 40% Wrinkles, + 36% Tonicity, + 22% Elasticity and + 29% Gaze opening
  • PERFECTION: + 70% Uniformity, – 61% Signs of fatigue, + 53% softened bags and + 42% reduced dark circles

The eye contour is smoother and more compact day after day. Bags under the eyes and dark circles are visibly reduced. The result is extraordinary and is the excellence of Italian cosmetics.

Associated with the SNAP-8 polypeptide, the precious growth factors of this eye cream offer their extraordinary regenerating power. For a calibrated action on this area, EYES HEAVENLY CREAM has been enriched with two complex advanced active ingredients capable of promoting cell proliferation and healthy skin regeneration:

  • the EGF complex which acts on the structure of the dermis to open the gaze, composed of 53 amino acid residues and three intramolecular bisulfide bridges for a powerful antioxidant action.
  • the KGF draining complex stimulates the microcirculation of the eye contour to visibly reduce bags and dark circles and carry out an intense repairing action on the skin.

* SNAP-8 Polypeptide increases skin tone thanks to its BOTOX-like effect with immediate action.
Lift your beauty, love yourself. Impact Lift Serum.

Apply a small amount on the eye contour morning and evening as a natural tonic and let it absorb with circular movements from the inner corner of the eye outwards, right up to the cheekbones, tapping the area until completely absorbed. Apply to completely cleansed and dry skin.
As a lip cream, instead, apply generously all over the lip contour, leave the active ingredients in the deeper layers of the skin for 10 minutes. Remove any excess with a sterile cotton pad by making smoothing movements from the inside out. Therefore it is ideal as a base for your daily make-up and optimizes the application of lipstick. To fill the skin, pinch the wrinkle from the inside out and finally smooth it. First on the fullest part of the upper lip, from the centre outwards, repeating the gesture several times. Then repeat operation on the lower lip.

EYES HEAVENLY CREAM is the ideal complement to KISS ME, the lip repairing serum for lips designed by FEMINAE COSMETICS for a protected and attractive smile.