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Dream Impact


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50 ml

With its impalpable and melting consistency, it offers the skin a delicate sensation of freshness, improves the skin texture, visibly reduces wrinkles and helps the skin reflect light better.

For the first time in the world, FEMINAE COSMETICS, brings together all the active molecules of the life cycle in the DREAM IMPACT night face cream, a new concept treatment for three-dimensional efficacy, an extraordinary revolution in facial treatment, the product for a more complete and effective cell regeneration.
DREAM IMPACT is a super nourishing night cream that penetrates deeply into the skin and reduces the appearance of aging through the combination of Lipoic Acid and Coenzyme Q 10 and an active, oil-free UV protection. Enriched with VITAMIN C which, during the night, reveals and intensifies the skin’s natural radiance, reactivates the natural skin repair and regeneration functions, more intense during the night than the day, the antioxidant power of vitamin C acts in a targeted way on all the causes of oxidative stress with an immediately visible radiance.
An unparalleled concentration of active ingredients, for an exclusive sensoriality and inimitable naturalness. Cosmetic technology to the nth degree, in order to repair, regenerate and protect. The skin is visibly smoother, stronger and more radiant day after day. The ability to formulate at its highest degree of perfection a silky and almost imperceptible texture. An essence of eternal youth that harnesses the regenerating power of the night to offer visible skin renewal, constantly, helping the skin maximize its natural defence and protection. Over time, the pores appear visibly reduced and skin elasticity improved.

DREAM IMPACT is specifically formulated to maintain a high level of hydration throughout the night.
DREAM IMPACT provides “nourishment” for skin cells during the night, when the skin is most receptive, and provide the skin with an intensive personalized treatment in an exceptional cream.
Regenerated and every day more resistant to the aggressions of the external environment, the skin is more protected (+ 63%), more plumped (+ 60%), smoother (+ 52%), visibly more nourished (+125%), brighter (+50%).
The regenerative and repairing effectiveness of the night cream, DREAM IMPACT, optimizes this essential moment for the beauty of the skin. Upon reawakening, the skin is deeply rested, hydrated and radiant. Night after night, even if subjected to an intense pace of life, the skin’s defences are repaired.

DREAM IMPACT is a nourishing cream enriched with GROWTH FACTORS and ANTIOXIDANTS specifically formulated to maintain a high level of hydration throughout the night. While you sleep, this face cream helps to activate the skin’s natural nocturnal repair process quickly and the high concentration of active ingredients in this face cream helps maintain greater hydration for over 8 hours after application.
Stabilized VITAMIN C is the key factor for radiant skin; indeed it stimulates collagen synthesis and protects DNA from UV damage, with an immediate brightening effect.
PHYTOESTROGEN factors and ASTAXANTHIN, the most effective antioxidant in nature, intensely and deeply repair dull and damaged skin.
The EGF Growth Factor acts on fibroblasts by increasing the production of collagen, reducing and preventing expression lines and wrinkles and actively generating new skin cells. The face contour appears redesigned.

The texture of DREAM IMPACT is silky to the touch. Upon application of the fresh and light cream, it immediately melts into the skin and is instantly absorbed.

  1. Take DREAM IMPACT with the spatula and apply a small amount on cheeks, forehead, neck, chin and décolleté.
  2. With both hands, smooth the facial features from the inside out. For the neck, follow the line from ear to ear.
  3. Finally, for the décolleté, smooth gently from the sternum towards the shoulders.
  4. To optimize the benefits, perform the gestures as laid out by FEMINAE: with fingers together, massage the different areas of the face with fingertips, making circular movements, reactivating local blood circulation

Apply every evening after thorough cleansing with PURITY NIGHT.
In the morning, the skin is rested, hydrated and radiant ending in a feeling of comfort.