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Argan oil body cream

Argan Oil Body Cream

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200 ml

Smoothing and toning for the body, Argan oil body cream gives a sensation of an exceptional comfort. Deep well-being worm body and mind for a fully rewarding experience.

The body cream Argan Oil Body Cream by Feminae Cosmetics brings a deep well-being that warm the whole body and mind through a sublime physical and sensory experience. Smoothing and toning for the body, Argan Oil Body Cream gives sensations of deep mental well-being and enveloping comfort. Argan oil obtained manually from Argania Spinosa seeds is a natural cosmetic with incredible intrinsic properties, which makes it magical for beauty and body care. A perfumed body cream with multiple healing, moisturizing and soothing properties, that will become ever-present among your skincare products.

The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of Argan Oil express their maximum effectiveness in this cream. Cell regeneration is stimulated, and the skin shows tone and hydration. Your precious ally against skin aging, developed in a formula that will give your skin energy and nourishment, thanks to the presence of Vitamin A and Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid, which prevent premature aging. An elixir of youth for the whole body.

How to apply 
Apply to the skin and massage with circular movements to reactivate the micro-circulation. Wait a few minutes before getting dressed. Recommended as an after-sun body cream, to restore the natural balance of the skin stressed by UV rays.