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88 (Bye Bye)

Face and Hands Cream Against Dark Spots

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30 ml

A brightening and moisturizing gel cream that refresh and amplify the skin's natural radiance. At the heart of the formula, an innovative technology create a consistency and refreshing as a gel, as comfortable as a cream and as active as a serum. The skin turn immediately soft, plumped and extremely radiant.

Feminae Cosmetics 88 (Bye Bye) face and hand cream, is a brightening and moisturizing cosmetic that intensifies the skin’s natural radiance and protection. Its innovative consistency gives an immediate refreshing feeling to balance the skin complexion. The skin turns out immediately more toned and brighter.
Formulated as an anti-aging treatment, 88 preserves the youthful of hands and face appearance.
Latest creation of Feminae Cosmetics laboratories, it acts and intensifies the benefits of its active ingredients and minimizes skin discoloration.
The skin come uniform, luminous, bright and toned. It glows with vitality and health.
88 is the most revolutionary hand and face lightening cream in the Feminae Cosmetics active range.
It stimulates cell regeneration by improving the production of collagen acting effectively against free radicals. Hands and face are perfectly nourished and hydrated throughout the whole day. It is designed to fit perfectly as a bag accessory, to be always with you. Clinically tested, without allergens or nickel.


  1. Revitalize: An healthy skin is a mirror of an healthy life. FEMINAE has created a cosmetic formulation that strenght the expression of a specific agent the expression of the skin vitality. Revitalized, the skin is more resistant to internal and external stresses.
  2. Regular: Thanks to its antioxidant properties, 88 intensely brights the dull and tired complexion. It helps the skin balance uniformity and radiance. Its constant use is addictive and absorbs instantly when used.
  3. Nourish: Skin needs a deep and intense hydration to look bright and beautiful. Nails are strengthened, and the cuticles hydrated.

88 Face and hands cream instantly restores skin hydration. It get absorbed quickly without leaving residues and it is ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Its delicate and refined fragrance call forth a spring freshness and a delicate feeling.
Its inner proprieties are reflected on the outside, more intense than ever. Luminous and uniform, the skin is perfectly moisturized, toned and smooth. An extraordinary brightness like never experienced before.


  • Intense hydration + 90%
  • Reinforced nails + 65%
  • Reduced stains – 30%
  • Sublime softness + 35%

Key Ingredients 
Formulated with the precious Kojic Acid, 88 makes skin with health and rich of vitality.
Its formula contains anti-aging factors, antioxidants and retinol thus promoting fast cellular reproduction.

How to Apply
It can be applied any time of the day, evenly on hands, face, and eye contour. Deeply stimulating, rich in benefits of powerfully depigmenting and with antioxidant active ingredients. Repeat the application after washing your hands. Cosmetic to be used even before the manicure to soften the cuticles and preserve the beauty of the skin.

Multi-purpose cosmetic for hands and face = Polyglyceryl-Stearatee and Polyglyceryl – 6 Tristeartate