Argan oil, also called Liquid Gold, is a truly effective natural oil for the skin. Naturally rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, it works in synergy with our cosmetics in order to create a precious and easily absorbed emulsion. This is because it is extracted in a completely natural way.

Women of Moroccan cooperatives have been passing down their knowledge regarding the Argan tree and its precious fruit for generations but, above all, all about the extraction of the oil. The fruits of Argania Spinosa, which we recall live exclusively in Morocco, are similar to kernels which contain small almonds inside. The harvest of the fruits takes place in a totally natural way since it is necessary that they fall to the ground naturally when they ripen and dry, helped by strong winds, and especially during June and July.

Olio di Argan Frutti
Olio di Argan macina di pietra

Once the women of the cooperatives have harvested the fruit produced by the Argania Spinosa tree, they remove the pulp around the central core. The walnut is literally cut into pieces, crushed with stones in a completely manual way.

Inside, it hides a seed that is roasted (therefore Argan oil can sometimes resemble the peanuts’ one).

Subsequently, the seed is macerated in a stone crusher, with the addition of only water. From this process a kind of paste, called Malaxage, is obtained. Then, still using bare hands, the Malaxage is processed until the Argan oil comes out.

Argan oil arrives at our company in Italy directly: the product comes in fact pure from the cooperative, without other substances or fragrances that alter it. The oil is bottled in special tanks directly in Morocco; these containers are sealed, and lead sealed to keep the quality of the freshly extracted product 100% pure and safe!

Olio di Argan puro