the perfect balance for all skin types

Feminae is a functional cosmetic brand with surprising textures, created to stimulate and encourage constant and regular application, which will prove to be the real reason for their actions.
Born in 2015 from the desire of Enrico Nadalini to create skincare able to effectively slow down the aging process of the skin while giving its cosmetics extremely pleasant consistencies, even for women who normally do not like creams, gels and serums.
To meet the needs of all skin types, Feminae Laboratories research meticulously selects ingredients based on their purity, quality and composition.

The Feminae Research has developed three values that measure improvement in the skin’s appearance
Youth index: skin tone and firmness, complexion uniformity, reduction of wrinkles and spots.
Health index: smooth, compact and lifted skin, radiance and relaxed appearance of the face.
Pleasantness index: delicate and active to transform the beauty ritual into a cascade of sensorial discoveries.
Laboratori Feminae have created a line of multifunctional cosmetics able to satisfy the need for performing products and at the same time stimulating perceptions, and giving sensations that arouse emotions.
The identity of each Feminae skincare formula is expressed through its texture and its exclusive fragrance.
Feminae creations combine immediate effectiveness with the pleasantness of the application ritual.

At the heart of the development of a new cosmetic we place scientific innovation and physical perceptions, constantly searching for the perfect balance.
Only when our work guarantees excellent results and a rewarding sensory experience do we know we have created the perfect formula.

Enrico Nadalini


Porcelain skin, few wrinkles and timeless beauty

Feminae is our brand, but also our identity, because it means “of the Women” and calling our line with the most beautiful noun in the world is our mission.
Feminae cosmetics have been created for every woman’s beauty. We do not make promises, but we offer you, a pact between women, which is worth all our passion on the one hand, and 10 minutes of your time on the other.
In fact, to provide you with perfect skin we ask you to dedicate 10 minutes a day, 10 minutes to treat you. Just you and Feminae, 10 minutes of simple gestures with our beauty elixirs concentrates, to relax your skin and enthrall your sense.

Rediscover the pleasure of feeling good in your skin